About Us

Alabasta is a “lifestyle” brand that believes in celebrating and enhancing the (holistic) beauty and wellness of the complete person (spirit, soul and mind ‘body’.)

Our mission is to help prepare women for the journey of life — through the art and beauty of spiritual, mental, and physical purification using all of the earths vast resources in the service of God and wo(man)kind.  We strive to be a positive/impactful presence in our community and to provide our customers/guest with exceptional education, services and products – offering a level of “personal care” that transcends expectations, while fostering ongoing relationships of trust.

We’re a very eclectic company that offers services and products in many different areas of wellness .  This site will help you become familiar with some of our offerings from our “Nature inspired” Hair, Facial and Body products (which are always prepared  “onsite” in small batches to ensure freshness and often customized to meet individual needs and concerns.)

To our Salon Services; which are administered in a warm and welcoming environment that evokes creativity and soothes the soul (Issa a vibe)! Never overbooking, in and out services, one on one

consulting and a peace of mind knowing that we have your Best interest at heart!

For additional information, all email inquires can be sent to schat@alabastabeauty.com or by calling

 708-695-4719.  Email will give you the quickest reply.

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