Wellness Check...

Sweet September Chica’s!

I hope life has adjusted and is treating you all well?! Deep breaths and a LOT of nature have definitely been my saving grace during all that’s going on in the world. 

The sun and summer weather has help revitalize and motivate a forward movement. Though “outside” isn’t fully open- I’ve still managed to create some fun and holistic experiences with less places to venture... Funny, this pandemic has caused me to be more resourceful with my time - giving me space to slow down and really engage in hobbies and opportunities that I couldn’t mentally or even physically find the time for before... 

Reflection has energized me to Live a more fuller life! So much so - that I haven’t really had the time to update the blog or “Beauty Preparations for Life” Podcast. — I was posting once a week in the beginning of the pandemic to give you ladies tips and techniques of taking care of your hair, body, mind and spirit during that whirlwind! That was a JOB! I now see why folks hire people to operate the tech side of a business!

I won’t give up on updating the blog and podcast- I’ll just condensed it to once a month instead of once a week! I think we can handle that, lol! I want to keep the conversation going and make sure you all are doing well!

Click on the link above and listen in.. Until next time—

be well out there!🌱




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