The Art of Journaling

Guard your heart, until you find a safe and obscure place to purge...”

Read the above quote in the amazing book titled “Perfect Peace..”

Journaling has always been one of my “safe and obscure places to purge.” I dream, cry, celebrate, plan, vent, pray, remember, listen and heal through writing.

Y’all - a lot of us are just going through the motions just trying to mentally maintain daily. With so much to process and adjust too these days - there has to be a place release. A place where you can compartmentalize your thoughts without judgement.

Outside is opening back up slowly for surely - and we’ll soon share more space with others who’s carrying past and present emotional trauma of life’s happenings.. Getting on with life is imperative - yet, It’s not healthy to “move forward” with out unpacking all that’s occurring “Daily.”

So if you’re up to it - do you mental an a favor and join me for a 10 Day journey as we tap into the “Art of Journaling..” Starting Monday- June 22nd thru Wendsday July 1st. You have the whole weekend to prep, but you probably have these items around already.😉

You’ll need:
•Note book or journal
•Ink pens 🖊
•Quite Time

I’ll post writing prompts/ devotionals daily to give something of focus - but be Free and write how you’re feeling! Listen in to our latest Podcast titled “The Art of Journaling” as I go a little more in depth about the benefits of writing your thoughts outs.

Some days and revelations may not be pretty- but you’ll come out better on the other end... Let’s journal together! Stay tuned🖊📚📖#holisticbeauty #alabastabeauty #journalart #journaling

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