Slow & Steady

Hey Beauties,

I get lots of questions on ways to transition from chemically treated to natural hair. My answer is always “every journey (approach) is different.”  Some ladies choose to grow it out a couple of inches and chop it off – yet, some are just not ready or don’t desire to rock their hair super short. Natural hair is so much deeper than just “a style” – it’s something that takes some getting use to, especially if all you’ve ever known is silky straight relaxed hair. Trust me, I understand. It’s not for the faint at heart.

It’s a big step no matter what route you decide to take, just remember, you have to do what’ comfortable for you — and you don’t have to rush the process.

The following images show our naturalista finally decided to chop off her straight ends after almost 2 years of growing it out chemical free.  She was extremely nervous, but ready to embrace this journey. Hey transition styling over the years consisted of thermal styling (flat ironing) – flat twist (with straight ends set on perm rods) – and rod sets. She had a goal in mind – and she stuck to it.. You can too!

We blew her out to give a precise cut – and finished her hair with finger coils — she brings a very loose (almost wavy curl to the table), so in her case this would be considered a wash and go w/ a little curl manipulation and product.  Again, every journey and approach is unique, we work as a team to design the best regimen for you.  Book your consultation soon to help get you on your  way!

***Products used***

On dripping wet hair – in the order listed:

~Eclectic Hair Cream (Alabasta)

~Giovanni Direct Leave In Conditioner

~Eco Styler Olive Oil Gel

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