Salad Art 10 Day Eat Fresh Challenge 🌱

Hey Chica’s, 

Who wants to Create some Salad Art with me?? Yep, I’m asking you to play with your food - but I promise it’ll be fun and beneficial!

Getting bored with food and slipping back into convenient/unhealthy habits? Yeah, me too 😩Let’s kick off the month of May by eating something “living” everyday... A colorful salad a day and at least 32 oz. of Spring Water w/ Limes (key limes are best if you can find them) for 10 days! 

Eat your regular meals - just incorporate the above criteria!

Pretty Simple right?

Well here’s the “twist “ of 🍋 .. <<Get it?! I crack myself up sometimes!😂🤦🏾‍♀️ 


***No Store Bought Salad Dressings*** 


Yep, you read it right. I want you to “Create” your own! I’ll supply the paint (grocery list, dressing bases) and you’ll provide the canvas & brushes (ingredients & creativity)!🎨🥬🥒🍇🍍🍋 



- [ ] Get creative with eating healthy so you’re not bored with food 

- [ ] Wake up your taste buds to different plant based ingredients by experimenting with spices and foods you’ve never tried before.

- [ ] Eat to Live. Period.

- [ ] Each one teach one. Share recipes and creative energy to give us something positive to look forward too!


So who wants to join me?!

Don’t everyone raise your hands at once!🙋🏾‍♀️ Simple- I’ll post a salad daily, check in by posting a pic and either tagging Alabasta Beauty or by dropping a pic of your creation (with ingredients) into the daily post.


I’ll post some bases (liquids, herbs, spices, oils) for inspiration a little later..


Giving y’all a week to “get yo mind right” and grocery list together — the Art starts Fresh next Monday, May 1st. Let’s keep each other accountable!🌱😉 #SaladArtEatFresh10DayChallenge #ArtoftheApothecary #Alabastabeauty #BeautyPreparationsfoLife #EattoLive

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