ReSet ~ 21 Day Cleanse

Ola Chica’s — Happy New Year!

Ok! Let’s “remix” this thing! I know some of us started off with great intentions at the start of the year to fast/ cleanse to get our spirits and systems in order.  Welllll, I also know - that with all of the crazy ups and downs of the world, some of those good healthy intentions fell by the way side.. Speaking for myself and some close friends🥴😩 ...


But it’s ok. That’s the amazing thing about a new day, we get to start again! Join Alabasta Wellness Boutique and our sister company “Art of the Apothecary” as we “ReSet. Again” with a 21 Cleanse. I know my body is calling for some electric food and mental stillness. So I’m determined to listen and asking you to do the same. 

***Lastest Podcast available here*** and deets to the cleanse is listed below:

Week 1 — Salads, Soups , Nuts, Fruit, Alkaline Water (No meat, bread, artificial sugar).


Week 2 — Smoothies, Salads, Herbal Teas and Alkaline Water.


Week 3 - Raw Juice (or low sugar smoothies if you don’t own a juicer), unsweetened herbal teas, veggie broths and alkaline water.


Week 4 — Repeat week 2 to merge you back into eating solid foods.


As rigid as this looks and sounds, get creative and colorful with your creations so that you look forward to your electric meals.🌱


“Graze” throughout the day so that you never feel hungry. Basically- eat/drink something every hour or so.. It’s not about starving yourself, it’s about fueling your system with the necessary nutrients to help you function at your best!


I’ll post recipes/tips throughout the week (not every day👀) to give some meal suggestions! But it’s all about doing this collectively- so please share your progress and tag @artoftheapothecary and @alabastabeauty so others can be motivated.


Remember, we’re taking it one day at a time and listening to our bodies.


If you’re feeling sluggish, lightheaded or just plain ole discouraged- please reach out or leave comments in post. I’m sure we can remedy all of the above. Let’s “Reset” together🌱



Bonus for your spirit and mental limit your social media intake to 1 hour a day. I would say “No” social media, but giving the climate of this world it’s kind of a necessary evil to keep our fingers on the pulse of daily happenings.

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