New “Not So Normal”

Blessings sisters,

I don’t really know where to begin- so, I’ll just flow...

So “life” has happened to us all - in this new space of uncertainty, it’s “essential”  that we’re reminded of our purpose on this earth. So many conversations over the past couple of weeks of sheltering in, I hear the uneasiness and simmering anxiety in the voice of many. Even the voice of my own. 

Have those moments. Do me a favor- don’t desensitized yourself to things that’s happening in the world, sit in it for sec, honor your emotions (up or down) —  allow yourself to “feel” something, so that you don’t become numb. We all need each other during these character building times. Your ability to show compassion (even if you’re not directly affected) will be paramount to imple the biblical passage of “love thy neighbor” .. You’re purpose is attached to how you serve. So “feel” something! Let those feeling fuel your call to reach out to someone you haven’t talked to, a pleasant nod to some in the grocery store, forgiving someone who has done you wrong. 

You were placed on this earth to contribute to the better of mankind - though the world seems foggy right now, and you’re trying to feel your way through it, just know- you were place here in “This” generation to do a Mighty work! Praying God’s peace and protection over you and your family... Be well🌱

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