Home Styling Tips for Little Girls

Hey ladies!

We hope you all are doing well ... We know it’s the weekend and coming close to hair prep for the little Chica’s! Check out the “Home Styling Tips” episode on our Beauty Preparations for Life podcast to hear my daughter and I share tips, techniques and product recommendations to help you maintain your daughters healthy tresses while we’re all still at home!

Last month — my sister was still working, so my niece stayed at home with us for about 2 weeks (it takes a village right?!)...  Teraneka - loved on her hair by shampooing, conditioning and putting it in thee cutest low maintenance braid style that would last a while!

After wet styling...Small braids with beads were added...

Hair was braided with our Joy. Love. Peace Hair & Body Balm

Jaila’s hair should stay nice and moisturized for 2 weeks with daily applying a small amount of Joy.Love.Peace and tying it down with a satin or silk bonnet. For more details and product recommendations- again, check out our podcast episode “Home Styling Tips for Girls” - also, subscribe to our newsletter for the lastest updates! 

Be well🌱



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