Cute & Quarantined: Part 3 ~ To Color or Not to Color, That is the question?

Ola ladies! 

I pray you are fairing well out there. And I pray you haven’t done anything too crazy to that hair, yikes!!😩🙏🏽🤦🏾‍♀️

As promised— I just released a new episode on the “Beauty Preparations for Life” podcast address to more hair care concerns. The most asked questions are pertaining to gray coverage.

I know y’all don’t want to here me say “just let the gray grow out for now” but I do believe that’s the best option. Look at how beautiful my client Linda’s hair is.

Yes, she has a full head of beautiful gray hair -so it makes sense for her not to color it. I know that’s what you’re saying while reading this. And I know some are not ready to embrace those “natural highlights!”

The point I’m trying to make here - is because she stopped coloring years ago, her hair is bright and healthy. This may be a huge order that I’m asking - but if you have to color, try to stay away from permanent color, especially black. A light to medium brown semi permanent color by Clairol gray solutions should help you out until you’re able to return to the salon.

For more advice on this topic- be sure to listen to our lasted episode on the Beauty Preparations for Life Podcasts.


Until next time, Be we’ll out there ladies!🌱

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