Chocolate Smoothie for Breakfast? How Sway?!

Hey Chica’s!

Eating a little healthier doesn’t have to be bland and boring. What do you have a taste for? Try not to deprive yourself of things you enjoy, just try a healthier approach to preparing it!

During moon cycle- I tend to want chocolate and every else fried, sweet and savory😩 .. So over the years, I’ve found ways to satisfy these craving during this time of the month.

Check out this chocolate smoothie with all the trimmings, try it for yourself- it’ll definitely become a dessert go to! Be well🌱


•Spring Water


•frozen bananas

•1 date

•tp.cacao powder

•tp. seamoss

•dash of cinnamon- 

•topped w/ strawberries

•coconut flakes


•cashews dark chocolate chucks..

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