Art of the Apothecary: Part 1 ~ Health & Wellness Practices While Sheltering In


Can y’all believe we have been sheltering in for almost 3 months?? Crazy right?? This has been a really trying time for many — so it’s imperative to have a spiritual, mental and physical “tool kit” to repair and replenish and nurture the essential things that makes us thrive as humans!

For years I’ve instilled the importance of prayer, plant based food and mental fortitude into my children. Do they always listen? No - but they do hear you and See you, especially if you’re practicing what you’re preaching😉

It been pretty cool watching my son (21 yr old) mature into his wellness. Though he acts like all he knows is “his idea” - I secretly smile with a sense of knowing that the right seeds has been planted and watered continuously over the years.

Check out our latest Beauty Preparations for Life podcast titled “Art of the Apothecary” - in this episode, my son and I will have a Real conversation discussing the happenings of the world and our approach to navigating and protecting our physical as well as our spiritual and mental health!

There is an Art and Science to to keeping our total being in balance, we want to share our approach as family and hopefully our extended family can join in on the conversation! 

We look forward to this wellness journey with you..

Until next time,

Be Well




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