A Shift In Energy...

Do you feel a change in the air?   After such a wild year and long winter, a newness is on the horizon... It's deeper than "outside" opening back up.  Its a sense of entering back into the world with a renewed sense of purpose, fresh perspective,  keener discernment and embracing  new opportunities.

Listen in on the latest episode  of the Beauty Preparations for Life podcast titled “A Shift in Energy” — as I share my experience of winning the 2021 Inspiring Women in Business contest sponsored by First Midwest Bank and 101.9 the Mix , after pushing through bouts of seasonal depression and exhaustion from last year’s grind .  A firm believer of the quote "Happiness is having something to look forward to" - this win shifted my thinking and gave me the much needed boost to keep building and defining the mission and purpose of Alabasta.

I would like to encourage anyone listening that no matter what life presents - keep your vision in front of you. Having something to look forward to can be the therapy needed to help Shift you into high gear! 

Until next time,


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