Angry Black Woman Tee

Angry Black Woman Tee

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The label “Angry Black Woman” has long been a derogatory term used to silence the voice and views of women that’s been carrying the emotional load for our family, country and over all “humanity” since the beginning of time.

Socialized to take the punch and keep on smiling, keep on nurturing, keep on giving, keep on ignoring-  while inside the burden is often times too heavy to bear on our own.

From social injustices to imbalanced relationships- health problems to economic disparities. The black woman has been screaming “literally” from the classrooms, to  kitchen, bedrooms, to the boardrooms, the hood, to the suburbs to be “seen,” heard and respected. 

The “sass” that’s often seasoned with some eye rolling’, slick tongue “reads”, neck twistin’, cautious pause  and hand clappin’ is our weapon of defense to guard our mental and spirit from the snares and harsh realities of this world. 

2020 has caused myself and my tribe to acknowledge and embrace this title with dignity and respect - to dissect the root cause of it’s emotional build up and often times aggressive display of its reality. Never to negate the beauty of softness , it’s actually the desire of most women I know. There’s sweetness at the center of her heart, but she must “guard it with all diligence because out it flows the issues of life...”

In the words of sis Solange “We got a lot to be mad about.” Do we let it hold us back? Of course not — we harness the wind and let it propel us forward.

So the next time someone accuses you of being “emotional or mad,” difficult or aggressive” when all hell seems to breaking loose around you — take a deep breath, access the situation and if your response is warranted, you hold your head up high and boldly Own the statement with an internal resolve:

Angry black woman? You damn right.🖤✊🏾

Cotton blend - Unisex “Relaxed” Fitted Tee.