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    Happy New Year Beauties!!

    I know a lot you ladies have seen this challenge floating around Face Book and Instagram?  I’ve been wanting to do this since last year, but lost the motivation around week 4 (true story).  It’s pretty simple (if you have the discipline).  For each week of the year you save the dollar amount of the week number (ex. week 1 =$1 , week 2= $2, week 3 =$3 etc…) You”ll basically save each  week’s dollar ammount until the end of the year which totals 52 weeks. image

    Still confused? Lol, check out the pay schedule  – it breaks it down  better.  My children and I are taking this challenge, along with a couple of friends!  This is a great way to save for the hoildays and also it’ll promote good habits of paying yourself first!

    I’ll be sure to send out an “Accountability” post quarterly for those who want to join in.  During the beginning  2015 – we’ll take 10% of what we saved and have a fun group celebration (we have to remember to celebrate accomplishments)!

    Soooooo, Who’s up for the challenge? Drop me a line and let me know;)

    Until next time,

    Peace & Blessings!


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