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    imageHey Beauties! I’ve been getting a lot of questions about juicing and/or  blending plant stuff – honestly it’s not something that I Love to do, but it’s something that I’ve been doing “off and on” for years, in order to maintain optimum health.

    Blending is much more convenient yet juicing has more health benefits.  Some being  that (juicing) it’s less work for  your body to digest and the nutrients go straight to your blood stream (we’ll talk more about that in another post).  In this post I’ll list 3 things that I “dislike” about juicing and 3 things that I’ve “reluctantly” learned to love about this practice.

    Ok… Let’s start with the Dislikes:

    1. Organic/ non Hybrid veggies are expensive! Really? Why is something that grows out of the ground so high?  Yet I refuse to juice anything but organic because everything (pesticides) the fruit or vegetable are treated with – goes straight to your blood stream when transformed into liquid.  That kinda defeats the purpose of wanting to fuel your system with vitamins and minerals.

    2.  The prep work  and clean up can be a bit much in the beginning – You have to wash/cut your produce, and disassemble/ clean the juicer immediately after using it.  If your juicing before heading out to work, this can be a daunting task.

    3.  The pulp that’s left over from the extracted juice goes to waste… I’ve always felt some kinda way about throwing that good pulp away.  I’ve heard of people adding it to fresh baked breads or even salads, always a good idea in theory. But I never got around to being creative with it, maybe I’ll start soon!

    Now for the Likes:

    1.  It’s a great way to get your daily fruit/veggie intake.  I’m not a big salad eater, why?  Because I ate them so much when I was training for marathons, now I’m pretty bored with them.  Juicing helps me get the benefit of my veggies without having to dress them up in a bowl.  It’s just easier for me…

    2.  My energy is Amazing when I juice.  Living/whole foods are energy producing – God’s gift to us humans to nurture our bodies naturally.  When I’m eating a more plant based diet – I feel as if I’m honoring the commitment I made to “myself” to take better care of my health.

    3.  My jeans fit better! No, seriously… When I juice on a consistent basis, my weight compliments my body (that’s a nice way to say I slim down a bit).  Weight loss is not my main goal, yet I don’t frown upon it either.  Though I work out, I only experiance noticable weight loss when my eating is at least 80% plant based.  Juicing or blending low sugar fruit and veggies triggers your stystem to want more nutrient rich foods.  Weight loss is the “fruit” produced from fueling your temple with living foods that helps your body  to function properly.

    Juicing has been around forever, it’s nothing new under the sun.  It’s not for the faint at heart – yet you’ll reap lifechanging health (and yes, spiritual) benefits if you incorporate it into your life!

    (Great for colder weather ) Spiced Greens

    1 cup of Kale

    1 cup of spinach

    1 small cucumber

    1 celery stalk

    1 Granny Smith apple

    1 inch piece of ginger root

    1 teaspoon of Kamut (Powdered wheatgrass)

    This can be mixed in a blender w/ 2 oz’s of water – yet you’ll get more benefits from a juicer.  I’ve been using my Jack LaLaane power juicer for over 10 yrs, still works great!

    More recipes coming soon – if you have any questions, leave them in the comments below…

    Until next time,

    Peace & Blessings (Drink your Veggies)


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