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Thanks for visiting our site - feel free to browse around and become familiar with the personality of our salon and our handcrafted botanically based hair, skin, and body products. We take on a personable and wholistic approach to life & beauty - by promoting a healthy personal care regimen first and innovative styling second. For a personalized consultation - please click on the "appointment" link above for availability. We look forward to servicing you soon!

Peace & Blessings


Hey ladies — it’s that time of the year again!!  The Heirloom Piece Project has already started the collecting and sorting process for our (complementary) Christmas Pop up Boutique in which we partner w/ Sarah’s Inn (a local Domestic Violence agency that provides women and their families w/ legal advice, workshops, shelter and other resources to help them on the road to self sufficiency.)

The Heirloom Piece Project’s mission is to help cultivate self esteem and celebrate the self worth (inner jewels) of women challenged with unfavorable circumstances. We collect new and/or gently worn jewelry and create an atmosphere of pampering and adornment for a woman in need of uplifting and encouragement.

For more information and ways to get involved- please visit – something so small to you — can be a major blessing to someone else! #donate #jewelry #giveback #sisterhood #domesticviolence #celebratelife


“I am like a tree – planted by the rivers of water, that brings forth fruit in it’s season and Everything I do shall prosper…” ~ Psalms 1:3 …

This is always my meditation and confession whenever my nervous butterflies try to take over… Yesterday was an awesome experience — I was blessed w/ the opportunity to serve through the vehicle of teaching! So cool to see a room full of beautiful brown curlys in one place – celebrating, encouraging and supporting one another at the 4th annual Chicago Naturals Summer Meet at Little Black Peal Workshop — hosted by Rachel O Beauty.

I think what blessed me the most was my team (Brittany, Kendra, Keshona, Denise, and Roxanne ‘my graphic designer’) and the way my children (Teraneka & Patrick) worked the family business — they were some product selling machines – the table was packed after my presentation — and the crew held it down like pros! I’m still in AWE and so grateful for that!

I found out later my son was giving away “un authorized” samples to cute girls — so he was really on cloud nine being in the room w/ so many beautiful women, smh…;) Check out some behind the scene shots captured here… This  was a good day☺️ #naturalhair #hairstylist #handcrafted #botanicalhaircare #ChicagoNaturals #ChiNaturalExpo




Hey Chi town area naturalistas, Alabasta will be a featured vendor here August 30th! Networking, education, inspiration, demos and shopping are some of the great things to expect from the Chicago Naturals Summer Meetup … You ladies (and Gents) should come out! Tickets can be purchased at www.rachelobeauty/meetup .



Ola ladies!

I hope you all are relaxing into this laid back summer?!  Well I don’t know if  “laid back” best describes this wet/humid weather we’re having — but it sure does describe how my natural hair is being styled these days! Super simple and again, “laid back.”

Don't focus on my lack of make up -- focus on my simple, yet protective do!:)

Don’t focus on my lack of make up — focus on my simple, yet protective do!:)

I speak from a stylist prospective most of the time, but in the post, I’ll speak from the prospective of a naturalista that gets Really frustrated with her fro in the summer months! OMG! Can my hair Please not frizz after 5 minutes of unraveling my twist set?  I’ve had really big natural hair as well as super short.  I must say that shorter is easier for me, but I’ve been short for 4 years, so now I’m in the mood for change.  My change is to grow it back – but I really forgot about All of the work required to rock big natural hair — especially in the summer months.

My rule of thumb is to only wear my fro as a treat because once it’s exposed to air, all of the moisture evaporates causing it to feel dry/ brittle.  I only rock it out when Im going somewhere or doing something special, and maybe a day or two after.  As soon as my fun has settled — I load my hair up w/ our  rich moisturizing cream and in a protective style it goes!  Listed below are some simple go to protective styles for the summer.  Some were done in the salon — and some were inspired by others.  These styles are cute and again, simple — can easily go from a casual day out, to a elegant night on the town.  Either direction — the goal is to protect those tresses and still look fly while doing it!

Until next time, Peace & Blessings!






Hey Beauties!!  I hate to have a post like this on our front page — but I needed a way to get folks attention!!! OMG!!   Though I love the convenience of the internet and especially our online booking system, however I really “despised” (strong word) people being neglectful and inconsiderate of others time.

In the ‘REAL WORLD” – you know, the world that exist once you log off your computer or put your phone down — lives Real people (My staff, Myself and Loyal Clients) who understand and value the time and services that Alabasta provides.  Its so unfair and out right Rude to book an appointment through this site without “firm intentions of showing up!  We totally understand that life happens and plans change — but please be an adult about it and communicate (24 hours is Ideal).

I understand that some are concerned with providing credit card information to a place that they’ve never been to and has only discovered through the internet — I’ve heard the concerns and “by Faith” decided to stop credit card capturing to secure appointments.  That being said — I have to trust that (some of our) new visitors will be courteous and respect our time by following through on appointments booked through our site!

For all of our new visitors, we’re so appreciative of your interest in Alabasta salon — please read the “About” section on our site.  We really try our best to live by the standards and integrity that has been set in our salon.  Listed below are some of the ways we display our work ethic with each client:

~ We offer individual personal care: Meaning, we service One guest at a time – never over booking.

~We start on time:  Even a 10 minute wait is a long wait in our salon.  We “try our best” to make sure that as soon as one guest is finish — the next guest is walking through the door with no wait.

~We offer a laid back and peaceful environment:  The only way to keep the energy flowing smoothly is to not make our guest or our selves feel rushed or anxious.

We LOVE and is so grateful to the fact that our clients understand and appreciates the level of service (hair care, quality products, styling methods, clean/ calm atmosphere and attention to time management) that Alabasta provides.

Soooo… With all of that being said, Im going to end this rant on a high note with a quote that I once heard:

“Intergrity is doing what’s right when no one else is watching…”

It’s not right to book appointments and not show up w/ no explanation…

 Now y'all know that ain't right... *Pardon my ebonics*

My face when I look at the clock and see that “inconsiderate” client has yet to arrive and has neglected to give a courtesy call… Now y’all know that ain’t right — We’re putting you on the “Block list…” *Pardon my ebonics*

And on that note,

Peace & Blessings… Shantenekia


Happy New Year Beauties!!

Wishing you love, peace, joy and wellness this coming year!

From our family to yours, Peace & Blessings!!



It’s a wrap!! Well until Mother’s Day 2015!  From collecting, to sorting, to setting up,  then gift wrapping – I must say, at the end – it was all worth it!imageimage




Over 100 women (clients of Sarah’s Inn Domestic Violence Agency)  were able to select more than 500 pieces of donated jewelry (collectively) today… Each year and the stories shared – brings more clarity to the purpose of all of this.   Though a tangible gift was given, the true gifts were the “spiritual jewels” that were discovered and celebrated through out the process.imageimageimage





Not trying to figure it all out (because I didn’t sign up for this task, I promise I didn’t) just enjoying the journey and grateful that God (Love) saw fit to use me (and you) for it!image

imageThanks again for the support! For more details about this project, please visit the Heirloom Piece Project’s website!

Until next time… Peace & Blessings


Hi ladies!

Ok, I normally don’t write or even comment about celebrities, why? Because folks obsession of them is a bit much.  But because of my Love for vintage/classic fashion, I have to give pause and applaud Solange (Knowles) Fergueson on her soulfully executed wedding. Simple elegance at best!

She and new hubby broke the mold for weddings this past Sunday.  So swanky with a throwback flair, no detail was missed – and the ride off in the vintage cruisers (flower basket and all) added that 1920′s touch that took it to another level! Below are my fav shots, Njoy!



Even mama Tina showed out!!

Even mama Tina showed out!!


"Can I have this dance Auntie SoSo?!" - Blu Ivy

“Can I have this dance Auntie SoSo?!” – Blu Ivy




“Eyes that look are common, but eyes that see are rare.” ~ Dr. Myles Monroe

image…About 7:30pm on Sunday, I read some shocking and “still” unbelievable news on one of my Face Book friend’s post… I read that Dr. Myles Monroe had died in a plane crash.  As more news later developed, it was confirmed that his wife, daughter and 7 others had been on the plane as well…

Now some reading this post may be wondering why I’m writing about this on a beauty blog/site? Even some who’s never heard of him are saying “who is this man and why is he so important to her?”

Well let me give you all a bit of my back story of Dr. Monroe – his teachings are some of the main reasons Alabasta Beauty and the way I view my health, family and overall life is in exsistance today.  I was introduced to his book “The Principles and Power of Vision” at a time in my life that I was desperately seeking God about purpose and direction.

imageThe way I came across this book was truly through Divine intervention.  About 12 years ago while most were reading “Purpose Driven Life” I couldn’t really connect to that book like I desired to.   I tried 3 times to read it, but…  Nothing.

This was frustrating because I was really going through a dark/depressed time trying to figure some important things out – and the aboved mentioned book was considered ground breaking and an ideal read for my life’s questions.

During this time I kept having dreams about eagles (I’ll get back to this later)…

Enters this young woman (now dear friend) that I’d just met at an alumni event hosted by the Joseph Business School (JBS) – she was really savvy and started talking to me about business, personal goals and other things.  I felt comfortable enough with this sister to share with her how confused I was about my next steps in life and how I was struggling with the need and desire to do something of substance (with purpose). My life needed clarity.

She strongly suggested that I purchase Dr. Monroe’s book.  When I went to my church book store about week later – the same lady I’d met previously was there (what are the odds)?   Out of all the places and times  in the world to be, she was there! Not only was she surprised to see me, she grabbed my hand and walked me right to the exact location of the book.   When I picked it up – I almost dropped it immediately! Why??? Because staring back at me on the cover was that soaring eagle that I’d been dreaming of for weeks!

I needed no confirmation, I knew I was in for a life changing transformation – and that’s Exactly what I got.  This book was my Purpose Driven Life.  I wrote in this book like it was a journal – almost every page is completely  highlighted… Every question about my life (up until that point) that I’d been asking was being address as I dranked from the words of each page. (Isaiah 55)

My Creator knew! He knew the gifting and sage words of the this amazing teacher would cross my path – in that season,  those words were used to help me realize, organize and realign my life with Purpose and Power.

I learned sooo much through this read and give copies as gifts often.  I’ve always kept it on my desk as a reminder to keep the vision in front of me… Always.

This tragic death has come as a shock to my spirit – I’m so saddened by the news… As a way of celebrating the life and legacy of Dr. Monroe and his family, I’m going to slowly re read and continue to apply the principles that connected us in the beginning…

If you’re reading this and haven’t read this book, I strongly urge you to do so.  All purpose, I don’t believe in coincidences – you didn’t stumble on this post and chose to keep reading by chance. This book will change/challenge your life for the better. Please join me on this  journey…

My heart felt prayers and thoughts go out to the Monroe family, friends, congregation and the island of the Bahamas…

To Dr. Monroe – your legacy will remain strong and producing  - I am forever grateful for you answering the call and sharing your gift.

Rest peacefully.



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